Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Back for the first time. (or, Job Prospect 1)

Got back from my Maryland job interview on Tuesday at about 9:30ish pm local (Eastern, as I'm in Georgia.)  And I'm not sure how it went, to be honest.  It didn't go bad, but I didn't kill'em like it was Def Comedy Jam or anything.  Sort of that 'meh'-ish middleground.  But from that hour or so I spent in a room with them, they seem like a really good bunch of people.  I'm one of those folks who believes that someone you can entertain is someone you can work with.  (And vice versa.)  At least that's my theory based on my non-gaming-and-only-twenty-four-years-of-life experience.  And of course, they haven't offered me the job or anything, they just flew me up for an onsite interview that lasted three hours tops.  (I'm kinda worried that flying me up and sending me back after three hours is a bad thing...  But I dunno.)

It's an entry level programming job.  The company ports cell phone games and mentioned some sports titles as examples.  Okay, that's where it goes a bit 'out there' from what I expected or wanted.  I mean, I'm not above sports games.  I'm not really a sports gamer, but I appreciate the work put into'em and the love shown by fans.  And I'm not above porting.  I just like the idea of having the choice to pick your platform for games and I think it's a worthwhile job.  But that whole cell phone thing...  Am I taking my preconceptions about cell phone games (ie: they suck,) too far?  Would I let it keep me from putting my foot in the proverbial door?  I once touched on many wannabes failing because they become closeminded to the point of only loving particular IP or companies, but is choosing against a platform the same thing?  My brain says yes.  It's stupid and if they do offer me the job I should fall to my knees and thank them.  Even if it's no dream job it's experience.  And it's a job programming, unlike my current job which isn't even programming related.  Of course my heart's still being a whiny bitch about it.  I guess I'll be okay.  I'll strangle it down with some Chinese food.  It's not like cell phone games have nothing to offer.  I'm curious about the Elder Scrolls Travels games for the Nokia NGage.  I mean, even Carmack's doing cell phone games.  They must be cool, right?

(Don't you just love how I've rationalized not wanting a job offer that I quite possibly won't be offered?  Oh the ego.  :D )


Blogger Corvus said...

I think, should it be offered, that you should take it! Here's why:

1) Dealing with sports titles means you'll be less than enamored with the content, which will free you to really focus on the process. Project management issues, team dynamics, and work flow issues. Going to your next interview able to discuss those topics intelligently will certainly add to your hiring appeal.

2) The restrictions of porting to cell phones is sure to teach you more about resource management than you thought possible, no? In my experience, no matter how much I think I know, a few weeks to a few months on the job, my knowledge doubles.

3) Job. Programming. One step closer to doing something you love for a living.

So, good luck to you! I have two interviews this week, myself. Neither for dream jobs, but both for jobs that will pay more bills than being unemployed has!

4:16 AM, August 31, 2005  
Blogger Jeffool said...

Oh I talk a big game, but if they actually do offer me the job, I'll take it. As my current job has absolutely nothing to do with programming I don't think I could turn it down if I tried, despite all my naysaying.

Thanks for the well-wishing though, and good luck yourself man.

2:44 PM, September 01, 2005  
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